Creating The Board Manual

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Exporting the Policy Wiki as a PDF

This wiki has an extension that allows us to construct "books", which are collections of wiki pages that can be formatted and downloaded together as a PDF. You can save books in a format that allows you to load them and modify them later. All of the books that are saved can be found on

1. Load a previous policy manual book

Go to and find the most recent policy manual that has been saved. On the bottom of the sidebar on the left, click "load this as my current book"

click the most recent one and then from the sidebar at the bottom select "load this book as my current book"

You will be at the book editing page which you can also find here or by clicking "show book" in the bottom left.

If you don't have a book loaded, you see "add this page to my current book"

Go through everything on the, particularly the policy directory, and ensure that all of the pages (except for some weird appendices that you don't really need to include) are in the current book. sometimes there are chunks of pages that have been renamed and you have to remove the old version and add the new version.

make sure there are not pages that don't exist anymore

When you add new sections they show up at the bottom, so you have to drag them into place.

save book

hit generate PDF

use adobe to merge on whatever other pages you want

take it to the print shop