V.D. Board Approved Projects & House Level BAPs (HLBAPs)

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The BSC has developed and regularly reviews a long-term capital maintenance and improvement plan based on comprehensive inspections of major building components performed by professional building condition consultants and recommendations from Central Maintenance staff. Although we have long-range plans in place, the specific capital improvement projects and budget for each fiscal year are determined annually by Central Maintenance and consultants and approved by CFCom and the Board of Directors. Such projects are commonly referred to as Board Approved Projects (BAPs).


BAPs must be approved by Central Maintenance (CM), Capital & Finance Committee (CFCom), and the BSC Board of Directors (Board) in order to be finalized. Project suggestions submitted to Central Maintenance for BAPs consideration must be approved at unit-level council before submission.


1. Central Maintenance compiles a preliminary list of recommended capital improvement projects, based on the BSC’s long-range capital maintenance and improvement plan and CM’s assessment of current capital needs. The list includes informed project cost estimates from CM.

A. If a unit has specific project requests to be integrated into the preliminary project list:
I. Maintenance Managers collect suggestions from the membership of their respective units
II. The project suggestions are discussed at unit-level council and, if approved,
III. Maintenance Managers submit a project profile to Central Maintenance including a description of the proposed project, the perceived need for the project, and the intended goal of the project.
  • Note: Admission of suggested projects into the BAPs plan is at the discretion of Central Maintenance.

2. Central Maintenance submits its preliminary prioritized list of projects to CFCom by October 15th.

A. CFCom will have a designated meeting to review the list, which must be attended by the Executive Director and Maintenance Supervisor).
B. In a follow-up meeting, CFCom must vote to either:
I. Approve of the preliminary list, OR
II. Amend the preliminary list and send it back to CM for further consideration.
a. Central Maintenance will then submit an amended list to CFCom, which will consider the new list at another meeting and vote again.
i. This process will continue until CFCom approves of a preliminary list
III. Once a preliminary BAPs list is approved, CFCom will also recommend a guaranteed level of funding for the next fiscal year’s projects for Board’s approval.

3. After CFCom approves of a preliminary list and guaranteed funding, the VPCF then brings the approved list to the earliest possible Board meeting for discussion and approval. The purpose of this Board review is to approve the level of funding that CM will be guaranteed at minimum for BAPs projects for the upcoming Summer, and to approve of the prioritized list of BAPs projects for which CM is to pursue competitive bids and contracting.

A. At the meeting, Board must vote to either:
I. Approve of the list and an initial guaranteed funding to be budgeted initially for BAPs, OR
II. Amend the list according to Board discretion, and approve the initial guaranteed funding to be budgeted initially for BAPs.

4. The final Board-approved guaranteed level of funding for BAPS will then be integrated into the budget for the following fiscal year by the VPCF, and CM will begin the process of competitive bidding, contracting, and completing projects on the prioritized BAPS list.

5. During the budget process in Spring, the Board will determine whether or not it is feasible to allocate additional funds for BAPs projects (in excess of the guaranteed funding) for the upcoming Summer. If additional funds are approved, CM will immediately continue down the prioritized BAPs list, engaging in a competitive bidding and contracting process for all remaining projects that can be completed within the final Board-approved BAPs budget.


Authority to approve and to execute BAPS contracts is governed by Section IV.I., the Construction Approval Process.

V.D.5 BAPs Notification Process Once the finalized BAPs projects list is approved and funded by Board, Central Maintenance and the Housing Department will disseminate information about planned projects and the expected conditions during construction to all Summer and Fall residents with housing contract offers. Such notice will include information about potential unexpected conditions that may cause project delays.

V.D.6 BAPs Review Process On an annual basis, CFCom will review the prior year’s BAPs projects, including budget-to-actuals, and feedback about the project completion process.


The House Labor Board-Approved Projects fund is $5000 skimmed off the top of the BAPS budget. All co-op houses and apartments are eligible to apply for these funds.


To be considered for HLBAPS funding, each project must be a permanent installation that adds lasting value to the house/property. The cost of labor (at the workshift rate) required to complete the project, must exceed the cost of materials and supplies. The house/apartment must supply all the labor; at no time can anyone be paid for their labor, either within or outside the house. The house/apartment will also supply the funds for the project until it is completed; once the project is completed CM will reimburse the house.


I. Maintenance Manager brings a proposed HLBAPS project to be approved at council.
II. If the project is approved at council, the Maintenance Manager fills out a HLBAPS request form, which must include the following:
1) A statement of purpose, intended goal, and long-term benefit(s),
2) A summary of:
a) cost of materials,
b) total hours required to complete the project,
c) number of laborers required, and
d) the expected date of completion,
3) Total projected cost of the project and the amount of money the house is requesting.
III. The Maintenance Manager brings the HLBAPS request to the Maintenance Supervisor, who decides whether to approve the project, send the request back for changes if it deems necessary, or deny the request.
A. After the Maintenance Supervisor gives their approval for the project, work can begin on the HLBAPs project.
1. All initial funds for the project come from the unit account; however,
IV. Once the project is completed, the house/apartment will be reimbursed for the costs of the project. If a proposed project is not completed, receipts will not be refunded.

[Last updated Spring 2018]