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General Description:

Non-executive Cabinet (NECMs) members act as voting members at Cabinet meetings, hold regular office hours during Board weeks, facilitate in the creation of supplemental documents and resources for Board, provide support for other Cabinet members as needed, and act as a resource to BSC members and Directors. NECMs thus function as a liaison between Cabinet and the greater Board of Directors, and between the Board and the BSC’s greater membership. In order to be accountable to and have their activities be accessible by the Board, NECMs will propose their specific plans for approval by Board at the start of the Fall semester and solicit mid and end of semester feedback from the Board on these projects as well as their personal goals. Two serving Directors will be elected to Cabinet by the Board of Directors in the spring before their term. NECMs are expected to make fair, judicious, and reasoned decisions in all voting matters. The term of office of NECMs shall be from 12:00 a.m. on the first day of the Fall contract period following their election. They shall leave office at 11:59 p.m. on the final day of the subsequent Spring contract period.

Specific Duties

1. Attend regular meetings of Cabinet.
2. Familiarize themselves with BSC Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and policies.
3. Attend new member orientations in order to educate new members about the Board of Directors.
4. Facilitate the creation of supplemental resources for Directors to utilize when educating their membership. (ex: a weekly newsletter, “What is Board?” Pamphlets, etc.)
5. Make themselves available as resources to BSC members, Directors, and other Cabinet members.
6. Additional duties will be assigned by Cabinet, including, but not limited to:
a. Coordinating a yearly General Membership Meeting in Spring semester
b. Coordinating workshops for Board to promote inclusivity and professional development
c. Collecting feedback from the Board in order to improve trainings and meetings
d. Brainstorming and helping to implement additional methods for member participation and feedback in Board affairs.
e. Holding office hours during board weeks. The goal of these office hours is to provide clarification and context for directors and members about the policies and discussions on the agenda for Board that week, as well as to provide stakeholders with a venue for discussion and feedback prior to the Board Meeting. At least one NECM should host an office hour during a Board week, but it is recommended that at least two are held, one on Northside and one on Southside, in order to improve accessibility for members and directors.
These additional duties listed above should be equitably divided between both NECMs at their own discretion.

Term of position: Academic Year

Hired by: Board election

Eligibility: Only sitting Directors are eligible to serve as non-executive Cabinet members.

Expected Hours/Week: 5-10

Compensation: Stipend equal to $2000 + 50% of room and board rate

[Board approved amendment 7-6-23]