IV.H. Minimum Meeting Minutes Policy

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At a very minimum, all units will keep meeting minutes for any house council motions that involve spending money from any BSC budget with the exception of the unit’s checking account. The minutes will include the following information:

  • What is being purchased.
  • The budget it is being purchased from.
  • The amount of the purchase.
  • Verification of a successful vote.
This verification shall include the exact vote count, if it is available, e.g.: passed 12-3-2. If the exact vote count is not available, a broader description can be provided so long as it is sufficient enough to establish that a successful vote has occurred, e.g. “passed unanimously” or “passed with two No’s and one abstain.”
  • Verification that quorum has been reached. Providing the exact vote count can be used to establish quorum. If the exact vote count is not available, a broader description can be provided instead, e.g. “over 30 present, quorum is 15.”


B. Starting in Spring of 2011, all units will maintain electronic versions of all meeting minutes that document the spending of BSC budget (with the exception of the unit’s checking account). These electronic versions should be kept for at least three years in a location accessible to all unit members. It is up to the discretion of each unit to decide on the most appropriate electronic storage system (e.g. google docs, wiki, web site).

[Board approved Nov 4th 2010] [Last updated August 2014]