VII.I. Distribution/Manufacturing/Cultivation Policy

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The distribution, manufacturing, or cultivation of controlled substances is strictly prohibited on BSC property. These behaviors jeopardize the organizational mission of providing quality low-cost student housing by:

  • Jeopardizing the health and safety of BSC members
  • Creating a very real risk of organizational censure from increased law enforcement attention
  • Creating a reasonable possibility of increased rental costs due to lawsuits, subsequent decreased occupancy, and more expensive property insurance
  • Fostering an environment that is not consistent with scholastic endeavors
  • Bringing outsiders onto BSC property to purchase, sell, or distribute controlled substances

Any person who suspects a member of the distribution, manufacturing, or cultivation of controlled substances on BSC property is encouraged to report these offenses to the Member Resources Coordinator or a house manager, who should subsequently report it to the Member Resources Coordinator.

The confidentiality of the informant will be maintained and reports may also be anonymous.

The Member Resources Coordinator or an appropriate factfinder will conduct an investigation and send the issue to the Enforcement Committee (see AdCode Section XXIV). A violation of this policy shall result in termination unless a two thirds vote of the Enforcement Committee finds that a conditional contract will reasonably prevent the risk of an occurrence.