I.A.5. VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS (VPOp) (created 5/29/2010)

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General Job Description:

The principal responsibilities of the Vice President of Operations (VPO) are to monitor the status of and facilitate Board direction and oversight of the policies and directives governing all aspects of the program operations of the BSC10. Accordingly, the VPO is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the Operations Committee (OpCom), whose work it is to undertake the review and revision of all program-related BSC policies, directives and agreements. In addition the VPO may be directed by the Board to serve on ad-hoc committees. Also see the BSC Executive Job Description.

Board and Committee Responsibilities

1. Oversee the review and revision of all program-related BSC policies, directives, and agreements.
2. Ensure that the BSC has policies and procedures that promote the successful delivery of program services to houses and members.
3. Make recommendations for needed changes in program delivery to the appropriate committees, staff, executives or the Board.
4. Chair the Operations Committee.
5. Serve on ad hoc committees as required by Board or policy.
6. Report to the Board, Cabinet, and other Committees as needed regarding the implementation and enforcement of Board policies and directives related to program delivery.
7. Report to the Board of Directors when procedural errors are believed to have occurred in any adjudication proceedings, and ensure that the Board of Directors determines whether or not a procedural error has indeed occurred.
8. Communicate regularly with other executives to ensure that proposals are reviewed by all appropriate committees.

Supervisory Responsibilities

1. Train and supervise the AdCom Chair. See AdCom Chairperson job description. a. Review and evaluate each semester the performance of the AdCom Chair, and include the evaluation in a report to be kept in the Chair’s personnel file.
2. Supervise the OpCom Administrative Assistant
a. Ensure that the AA is provided with adequate training and guidance.
b. Ensure that the AA promptly publishes minutes on the OpCom google site.
c. Delegate administrative tasks, such as printing proposals for distribution at OpCom meetings.

Other Responsibilities

1. Maintain a record on the OpCom google site of all projects.
2. Produce an exit document for your successor.
3. Train your successor.
4. See BSC General VP Job Description.

Term of position: Academic year

Supervisor: President

Hired by: Board election

Expected hours per week: 15-18

Compensation: Stipend equal to 75% of room and board rate