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1. Only students of any post-secondary school may be Members.

2. Exceptions to the above may be made by the Administrative Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Code, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

3. Membership shall not be restricted because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, national origin, political adherence, or sexual identity.


1. The method of admission shall be as stated in Section II: Admission of New Members of the Administrative Code.

2. Acceptance into Membership

a. An applicant shall not be considered a member until they have been accepted.
b. The acceptance of applicants shall depend upon the facilities available to accommodate them.


1. Each member shall have the right

a. to attend all meetings and have the same right to speak as Directors, except during executive sessions,
b. to cast one vote at all membership meetings and polls.
c. to make and second resolutions, motions, or approvals at meetings, and
d. to reside at or use the facilities of the corporation to which the member has been assigned.


1. Membership may be terminated by the President:

a. With the concurrence of the Executive Director and a current House Manager, Facilities Manager, or President from the member’s unit, upon the finding that the continued presence of a member in a facility of the corporation constitutes an immediate danger to the safety of other members. The President shall set the time by which the member must vacate.
b. Upon the recommendation of the Administrative Committee for failure of a member to meet the qualifications set forth in Article V of the Articles of Incorporation or Article III, Paragraph A of the BSC Bylaws.
c. Upon recommendation of the Administrative Committee for conduct in violation of the Administrative Code which the Administrative Committee has decided has not been effectively enforced by the house.

2. Membership may be terminated by a vote of not less than an absolute two-thirds of a house council after due notice and hearing.

3. The Cabinet of the Board of Directors may terminate membership according to guidelines outlined in the AdCode if it believes it is in the best interest of the BSC.

4. The Conduct Committee may terminate membership as provided in the Policy Directory and Administrative code.

5. The BSC may administratively terminate the member contract with the permission of a Central Level Supervisor under the following circumstances: Failure of the member to meet any of the membership qualifications or obligations placed upon them by the BSC Member Contract, BSC Bylaws, the Administrative Code, the BSC Articles of Incorporation, or the Constitution, subject to the procedure prescribed in the Administrative Code.

6. Termination of membership may be appealed as prescribed by the Administrative Code. Any decision related to terminations or appeals by the Board shall be final.

7. Membership shall terminate immediately upon loss of eligibility status and all property interests of the member shall immediately cease.

8. Former members, in good standing at time of departure, may be reinstated without payment of membership fee provided there are available facilities.


Membership is non-transferable

[Membership approved 3/19/15.]