Peer Support Group Network Coordinator

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Upon the creation of the PSGN Coordinator Ashly Trapolsi will be the first coordinator and then we will hold elections to fill the position starting in Fall 2011

Job Duties

1. Recruit potential facilitators, coordinating interviews and collecting resumes.
2. Form new support groups.
3. Ensure compatibility of co-facilitators.
4. Schedule and facilitate monthly facilitator meetings.
5. Oversee syllabus planning for each support group.
6. Create guidelines for support groups and facilitators, as well as confidentiality and commitment agreements.
7. Responsible for managing conflicts between the facilitators as well as conflicts within support groups.
8. Responsible for guiding the focuses of the group and ensuring co-facilitators have aligning goals.
9. Schedule meeting times and locations for support groups.
10. Coordinate publicity including, but not limited to: organizing canvassing, submitting to the member resources newsletter, presenting at board and cabinet, updating Facebook and BSC Website.
11. Write grants for PSGN-specific funding.
12. Schedule and attend training for facilitators.
13. Create individual resource guides for facilitators.
14. Commission flyers and other publicity material.
15. Recruit house-level Ambassadors.
- A house Ambassador is responsible for forwarding emails to house listservs sent by the PSGN Coordinator and giving updates about the PSGN at council.
16. Send out weekly announcements to house Ambassadors

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance

1. Must demonstrate strong multitasking and organizational skills.
2. Must demonstrate good interpersonal skills.
3. Must be able to work independently as well as with others.
4. Self-starter with a strong knowledge of PSGN needs
5. Knowledge of what to report to appropriate officials
6. Must be comfortable speaking in public.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required

Must be a BSC member for the term of job.

Additional Requirements

1. Respond to calls and emails within 24 hours during the business week.
2. Meet monthly with the Member Resources Supervisor
3. Keep records of relevant information and work done and prepare best practices and exit documents for the next PSGN Coordinator

Term of Job: One Semester (may be extended based on performance). Fall and Spring only

Hours per Week: 8

Basic Pay Rate: Volunteer

Elected by: Facilitators before end of previous semester

Immediate Supervisor: Member Resources Supervisor

Working Conditions By: BSC Personnel Code

Created: Summer 2011