V.E. Unit Retrofit Closure Policy

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During a time in which a unit is under construction, should any one condition from category 1 (listed under V.D.1) be met or any five conditions from category 2 (listed under V.D.2), the unit will remain closed for the duration of construction.

V.E.1. Category 1

a. The average per square foot cost of the total construction project exceeds $30/sq. foot of the building.
b. The project requires the closure of more than 2 floors.
c. The project blocks or alters primary entrances or exits.
d. The project requires the rerouting of utilities.
e. The project calls for the replacement of at least half of the unit’s foundation.
f. A crane will be used during construction.
g. The project removes more than one floor of the unit’s fire sprinkler pipes.
h. The project will take more than one summer to complete.
i. The project sets unit occupancy below half of its normal level for the semester in which it is to be completed.

V.E.2. Category 2

a. The work affects the interior and exterior of the building.
b. Residents will need to walk through construction zones to reach their rooms.
c. The kitchen will be closed.
d. Most of the common areas will be closed.
e. There will be multiple interruptions of utilities as per construction.
f. A drilling rig will be used during construction.
g. Energy efficient insulation will be installed in all of the exterior walls.
h. The fire alarm system will be upgraded during the project.
i. Only one floor’s fire sprinkler system will be removed.
j. The project interferes with normal building security (e.g. scaffolding which allows entrance through windows.)

V.E.3. Unit Closure Process

a. If the Maintenance Supervisor identifies a project that would require the closure of a unit as outlined by the criteria above, they must bring this to the attention of CFCom no later than their scheduled meeting before the last meeting of the Board of Directors which precedes the passage of the final budget for the following year to allow CFCom time to make recommendations to the Board.
b. The Maintenance Supervisor must also notify the unit facing closure before the CFCom meeting in which the unit will be discussed, to give them time to appeal the decision to close the unit.
c. If the leadership of a unit facing closure feels that the criteria for closure under category one or two are not met (e.g. that only 4 of 5 criteria from category 2 are required by the project), they can appeal the decision to CFCom before the project goes to board for final approval.
d. CFCom has the discretion to make exceptions to this policy consistent with the best interest of the BSC.

[Last updated January 2017]