VII.G. BSC Alcohol Policy

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It is against BSC policy and the law for the BSC or any house or apartment to serve alcohol.

1. A unit may not advertise alcohol on any announcement for a house-sponsored party.

2. Any sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited!!! This includes charging for drinks, bands, cups or entrance fees at parties where alcohol is present.

3. Official house funds may not be used (checking account, central level house account, social budget, proceeds from a party, etc.), or any fee required of a member, whether collected at central or house level, to pay for alcohol.

4. BSC employees (including House Officers/Managers) may only purchase alcohol for private consumption. No house may delegate Employees or Management to purchase alcohol under any circumstances. Infractions of the Alcohol Policy are subject to disciplinary action.

5. Alcohol may not be made available in dispensing machines.

6. Alcohol may not be distributed to people under 21 years of age.