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1. The Board may create a committee of Directors to act with the full power of the Board during the summer contract period.


1. Consists of the President, all of the Vice-Presidents, and two additional Directors.

2. Shall convene regularly to implement policies as established by the Board of Directors.

3. Shall take action in the event of an emergency when there is no time to call a meeting of the Board of Directors.

4. All actions taken by the Cabinet shall be reported to the Board at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

5. The Board of Directors shall have the power to overrule or amend any decisions made by the Cabinet.

6. Quorum for the Cabinet shall be four.

7. Each of the Cabinet members shall have one vote. All decisions of the Cabinet shall be made by majority vote.

8. The President shall be the chair of Cabinet.


1. Standing committees will work out the details of particular action items, be they events, projects, policies, etc., and vote by a majority to send those items to the Board of Directors.

2. Standing committee structure and jurisdiction is at the discretion of the Board as outlined in Section I of the Policy Directory.

3. Board may make non-standing committees and task forces that may, with the mandate of the Board of Directors, deliberate and refer action items to the Board of Directors as a normal standing committee would.

4. Each student Director must serve on at least one committee or task force.

5. No standing committee or task force may seat more than one Director from a unit.

6. A member or Director may request that an item be put on a committee agenda by contacting a committee’s or task force's executive chair, and the executive must work with them to prepare the item for discussion.

[Membership approved 3/19/15.]