XIII: Delinquent Bills

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A. Bills become delinquent if not paid by their due date or otherwise resolved by the member according to section XII of this code. A late fee shall be charged for each delinquent installment as an approximation of liquidated damages. An additional fine shall be imposed two weeks later.

B. Membership may be terminated for non-payment and non-deferral of delinquent rent. Termination shall be conducted according to procedures described in AdCode Section IV.A, subject to law.

C. A member terminated for nonpayment may appeal their termination on the grounds that they have the ability to pay by requesting a payment extension from the Administrative Team before their fifteen-day notice expires. This request shall constitute the appeal of their termination.

D. The BSC reserves the right to charge interest on all unpaid charges at a rate approximating the cost of money to the BSC, to be determined annually by the Board of Directors upon the advice of the Executive Director.

E. A balance of $100 or less will not result in incurred late fees

F. In the event that no suitable disposition can be made of the account after reasonable period of time and the BSC has exhausted all other possibilities open to it in attempting to gain payment, the services of other individuals or organizations may be employed by the Executive Director. These may include: a legal representative, the Small Claims Court, or a licensed collection agency.